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Canada Immigration – Advantages of a Canadian Student Visa

Canadian Student Visa is decorated with a lot of advantages like holding a Temporary Resident Permit. The list expand to the following mentioned benefits:

1) Applicants having a Canadian Student Visa have the liberty to work on campus with no need of a work permit.
2) The student visa permit you to work throughout summer off-campus.
3) All students must work in addition to studying, so as to have a feeling of “Self-sufficient personality.” If the campus has its own canteen, students can work there; again there is no want to have a permit. But there are other pros of having a work permit as it plays a helpful role in the path of PR of Canada.
4) A current amendment allows an international student who has graduated from a Canadian educational institution exterior the Greater Toronto Area to apply for a PF work permit for an employment exterior the GTA. It is compulsory that the candidate must acquire a job offer from his employer before applying for this employment permit.
5) Studying in Canada and working there allows a candidate to understand the working traditions and rules and system of the Canadian working society. This way he understands the pros and cons of living in total new world and experiences the realism of living there.
6) Working part time allows a student to manage his tuition fee and other financial issues at the same time. Work permit furthermore allows the students to get some Canadian qualifications in order to apply for a PR.